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spacer Will I be able to talk with Bobby personally before the date?
  spacer Answer: Certainly. Bobby prefers a “direct connect” with you to insure all of the important details of your “event” are taken care of. Bobby will offer advice and suggestions (if you request some help) to make sure your night is seamless
  What kind of music can/will Bobby play?
  spacer Answer: Bobby plays anything and everything that he is capable of. That includes 90% of all of the "Adult Contemporary Hits" that were ever recorded. That's a lot of material! His only criteria is that "The audience wants to hear and enjoy the tunes". Bobby will talk with you to find out just what you have in mind. Bobby’s repertoire is vast.
  Can Bobby perform with a Duo or Trio?
  spacer Answer: Yes! Many of Bobby’s performances are booked as a Duo or a Trio. Adding another performer or two brings the show’s energy level up, especially if there is a dance crowd. Bobby features several very personable and experienced entertainers, male and female, that have played literally hundreds of gigs with him.
  Does Bobby have experience entertaining for Senior and Retirement Community functions?
  spacer Answer: Yes! Bobby has played for hundreds of Retirement and Senior community events. His shows are very entertaining, intimate and interactive with the audience. He understands the special requirements of performing for a “more mature” audience.
  How much space does Bobby need to set-up?
  spacer Answer: Bobby can set-up in as little as an 8x12 footprint. He needs only one 20 amp circuit.
  What does Bobby wear?
  spacer Answer: Bobby Way has various types of wardrobe dependent on the type of event and your tastes. He has Black-Tie formal, dressy casual, or bright exciting show wardrobe. He will customize it according to your input.
  May I use Bobby’s wireless microphone for announcements?
  spacer Answer: Yes. Bobby has the best, high quality equipment in the Midwest and you will have the advantage of using this for your toasts and very important announcements
  Can we control Bobby’s volume?
  spacer Answer: The volume level is totally up to you. Let Bobby know if you would like a little lower volume, or if you want it “pumped up” to increase the room’s energy level. Bobby uses the latest “state of the art” Hi-Fidelity sound gear. This gives you total control -- No problem…no worries
  Will we have music during Bobby’s breaks?
  spacer Answer: Absolutely! Bobby will provide any style of “break music” that you want, or you can provide the tunes on a CD, I-Pod type of device. Bobby’s excellent sound system is the best in the business for playing back high quality sounds
  Will Bobby play overtime?
  spacer Answer: Sure! If you anticipate that you would want to “Keep the Party Rockin”, let Bobby know that you may want to set this up as an option
  Will Bobby set-up before the guests arrive?
  spacer Answer: You bet. This has become an increasingly requested part of the reception regimen and always a good idea. Many of the halls require an “early set-up” today. Ask your agent or Bobby about the details
  Can Bobby provide appropriate, volume sensitive, Dinner and Cocktail music?
    Answer: Bobby does a fabulous job when he performs Cocktail and Dinner music. The material is tasty and appropriate without being trite. You will have choices of all of the popular and highly requested material along with songs that you may have forgotten about. What a nice surprise these are! He features the perfect easy listening songs for your guests which are always performed at an appropriate and comfortable volume.
(I took out "very" appropriate as something is either appropriate or it's not.)
  Can Bobby perform for 50’s 6o’s Sock Hop Theme?
    Answer: Yes! Bobby has performed for several hundred “Sock Hop” themed parties. He also offers an entertaining and interactive “Duo” or “Trio” that specializes in oldies music. Complete with fun costumes.
  Who is Captain Bob?
    Answer: Captain Bob is a specialized version of Bobby Way and the Wayouts. Captain Bob and the Banana Band features a tropical music theme. The fun “Sunny” music, audience interactive skits, beach costumes and even lots of tropical props. (bananaband.com) (wayouts.com)
  How far will Bobby Travel?
    Answer: Almost anywhere. Bobby is a full time entertainer and has traveled and performed around the country, the Caribbean, Cruise ships and as far away as Hawaii and Hong Kong. Wisconsin is his base and home.